The Places to visit in Uttarakhand during your Holidays or Summer


The Badrinath temple also called as Badrinarayana Temple, is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. One of the holy shrines of Indian chardham pilgrimage, it is located in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand at a height of 3133 meters. The most important pilgrimage sites in India, badrinath is much revered by the Hindus. Devotees take a tough journey through the himalayas to reach this holy temple.

The Badrinath temple, one of the Chardham yatra draws a big number of pilgrims from all over the world who visit the shrine to offer their prayers. It was created by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century. Lord Vishnu, being the main deity the temple is open to all devotees for six months in a year.  The devout badrinath yatra is a way to attain Moksha from the cycle of life and death. The Badrinath mandir is an important Hindu shrine which should be visited at least once for the meditation of Lord Vishnu.

Badrinath temple stands at a height of approx. 3100 mtrs. in front of Neelkanth peak between the two Nar and Narayana mountain ranges. Dedicated to God Vishnu, it is a significant pilgrimage for Vaishnavites.

Within the vicinity of the badrinath temple, there are many places to visit – Brahma Kapal, Charan Paduka with Lord Vishnu’s footprints and Shesh Netra.


Tapt kund, a spring below the temple in which the pilgrims can take a dip before entering the shrine. This is important before a devotee goes to the sacred badrinath temple.


A flat platform along the banks of Alaknanda performing rites for the deceased family members, carries a belief that it frees them from the vicious circle of life and death.


One of the most prominent mountains that can be seen from Badrinath is the Neelkanth snow covered peak. It stands at a height of 6597 meters approx. This peak covered with snow named after Lord Shiva, gets bigger as it receives the first rays of the sun.


Mata Murti temple 3 kms from Badrinath temple on the banks of river Alaknanda is believed to be mother of Nara and Narayan, the twin brother avatar of Lord Vishnu.


Charan Paduka, a holy rock with the foot impression of Lord Vishnu is a famous attraction of badrinath.  It has been attracting the attention of the tourists from all over the world.


Sheshnetra having a mark which looks like an eye of Shesh Nag. It is believed to be guarding the holy temple of Badrinath.

Among the oldest pilgrimage sites in India, Badrinath temple has lot of importance for Hinduism.

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