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Buenos Aires has a reputation of being more of an adult-oriented city than a family-oriented one. It is well-known for its cuisine, wine, and flamenco dancing. Teenagers dine out late at night and don’t return home till the morning. Even though Buenos Aires is an adult city, there are still plenty of activities for young children.

The most popular parks in the city are Parque de la Memoria and Parque de la Independencia. This is where children can visit the Diego Velazquez and Francisco Rivero Museums, where they can view many of these artists’ works. So, choose American Airlines Flight Ticket Booking Online to create a trip that will live in your fond memories. It is a low-cost airline that is not expensive for travellers to use.

Travelo1 is available for your Aeromexico Airlines Flight Ticket Booking so that you can enjoy the cheapest ticket and make your trip memorable. You can get American Airlines Flight Ticket Booking Online to travel to a place you have never been. The top family-friendly things to do in Buenos Aires are listed below.

Children’s Museum:

This is a museum that is filled with interactive exhibits. The Museum’s goal is to encourage children to be more curious about the World and introduce them to new ideas. It’s the ideal location for strolling in the city’s architecture. The Museum’s puppet shows will keep the kids occupied.

Bio park:

It’s a large park that is filled with animals that are native to Argentina. There are also many playgrounds in the park. All the animals are contained within the park and cannot leave it.

Puerto Madero:

This is where visitors will have a chance to relax. It’s filled with restaurants, bars, and even some cafés for adults. There is a promenade that leads to the water, and there is even a ship that has been turned into a bar. This makes it an excellent place to walk and take in the sights.


If you’d like to do something adventurous, take the family on a city tour with several activities. There are adventure parks where you will have the chance to hike, raft, and zip line. This can be done at Adventure Park and Ski Park Palermo Hollywood.


This is a sport that is hugely popular in Argentina. The Argentina National Team are ranked as the number one team in the World, and it is second to Brazil in South America. Visitors can take the kids to see where this team practices, or they can even watch a local soccer game at Estadio Pedro Bidegain.

You can also visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, Teatro Colon and Teatro 9 de Julio. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer those travelling by Aeromexico Flight Ticket Booking or any other flight booking service to the city.

The popular tourist attractions in the city include Museo del Bicentenario, Museo de Arte Hispano-Americano Isaac Fernández Blanco, La Rural and La Recoleta. Travelo1 offers a lot of tours and packages to travellers. We help you to find cheap flight booking deals and discounts with American Airlines Flight Ticket Booking Online from around the World.

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